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Happy first day of Spring! Try planting these vegetables

Happy First Day of Spring!

Although spring brings pollen, rain and allergies, it also brings sunshine and flowers. The way the earth blooms is truly a sight to be seen in South, Mississippi.

Speaking of a green thumb, Bob Marshall, our resident master gardener, has provided some tips on what to grow now Spring has sprung for today's #WellnessWednesday post.

"It is not too late to plant Irish potatoes and English peas," Bob said.

Once the weather gets warmer, try planting an onion set, collared and kale plants and tomatoes.

If you are going to plant tomatoes, Bob suggests choosing indeterminate varieties. This means the tomato will produce until the first frost.

"You can also include bell peppers, and eggplant- successive plantings a week or two apart to spread out your harvest over a longer period of time," according to Bob.

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