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How KJ simplified her life in 30 days, and says you can too

KJ (Lockley) Miri keeps busy. 

She is an active member of Partners for the Arts, on the board for the Mississippi Bar Young Lawyers Division, is an active member of her church St. Fabian, and a full-time lawyer, wife, and dog-mom. 

An expert at time management already, she still felt like she could better utilize her time to do more of the things she loves. 

She took on the Simplified challenge, and explains how much of an impact it made on her busy schedule. 

Why did you decide to try the Simplified Challenge?

Having one task to complete per day seemed a manageable way to start the year on an organized note. It made me conscious of my surroundings and habits every day which really helped me be more productive.

Being a lawyer is a lot of work, so has the Simplified Challenge helped you navigate a work/life balance?

That balance changes on a daily basis for sure! I liked that this challenge didn’t just look at how organized your closet or pantry was, but it also looked at things like how organized your computer files were and how well you planned trips to the grocery store. It was a more holistic view of living a simpler life which has left me more free time at home in the evenings which I love.

Was one challenge harder than the others?

The hardest one for me was to “quit” something. Woah, I’m always taking tasks on and saying “yes!” So I decided to quit saying yes to everything and to guard my time more closely.

What lesson did you take away from the challenge?

Living simply should be a habit, not just a new year’s resolution or spring cleaning. I really don’t need all the clutter and stuff I thought I did, once it got down to it. Time is the most valuable resource, and the more minimalist I made my day-to-day, the more time I have had.

Would you recommend others try this challenge? If so, why? 

Absolutely. One small task a day can be an easier way to change your habits and clutter. The 2018 Simplified Challenge is on their blog, so I’ve linked it here. The 2019 posts are on their Instagram page and should be on the blog soon for anyone who wants to try! 

Click here to try the Simplified challenge.

Learn more about KJ here.

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