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Lessons Learned: How Lowrey & Fortner’s supportive work environment led to KJ’s success

KJ Miri joined Lowrey & Fortner’s legacy in the Summer of 2016.

She knew the firm was full of intelligent, genuine, and loyal people. Erik knew she was one of the brightest young attorneys in the area.

As a practicing domestic attorney, KJ’s cases focus on adoptions, family law, divorce and custody probate and estate planning, wills, Youth Court, and business law.

Erik and his son Shawn also practice this type of law, giving KJ a support system.

“Since joining the firm, my caseload has become more diverse. I am also more open to different ways of handling situations. We’re blessed to be able to bounce around ideas with so many great people,” KJ said.

KJ credits the firm’s combined experience, along with Erik’s guidance and support in her practice, as reasons that she is a confident attorney.

“We’ve got a lot of experience in this building, so it’s invaluable to be able to discuss cases with each other.”

KJ’s types of cases are not easy, which is something she says Erik understands.

“Erik is so insistent that we have a life outside of this office; that really helps remind me to be conscious of a work-life balance,” KJ said. “He understands that you can’t save everyone.”

The communication with Erik and the other attorneys in the firm has allowed KJ to continue her own growth while strengthening the caliber of the firm.

“Every case is different, so there’s always something new to learn and analyze,” KJ said.

There is no doubt KJ’s work and expertise will move Lowrey & Fortner forward in the years to come.

As she continues to work closely with Erik, her pride for the firm remains steadfast.

“I hope to maintain the level of integrity and true advocacy this firm has achieved. I am so proud to be a part of such a legacy.”

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