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Lessons Learned: Why working at Lowrey & Fortner gave Richard Filce confidence in his practice

Richard Filce joined Lowrey & Fortner’s 40 years of excellence in 2002.

He had just moved back to Hattiesburg and knew very little about the firm.

Little did he know that he would join one of the most successful firms in South, Mississippi.

Something Richard admires about the firm is his ability to run his practice based off his strengths and talents.

According to Richard, Erik respects each individual attorney’s ability to judge whether a particular case is one in which he or she should get involved.

Richard’s practice includes both plaintiff and defense in all of the civil litigation jurisdictions in Mississippi – Chancery, Circuit, County Court, Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of Mississippi.

Breach of contract: insurance policies, commercial leases, employment contracts and covenants not to compete

  • Land and property: boundary, easement, subdivision covenants, property damage, cloud on title, setting aside invalid deeds

  • Small business: dissolution of company; contest among business members or partners; fiduciary duties; misuse of company assets

  • Personal injury and wrongful death: including guardianships for personal injury cases involving minors; uninsured motorist insurance

  • Contested wills and estates: interpretation of wills, contest or challenge of invalid wills, undue influence and lack of capacity

  • Appeals to the Supreme Court of Mississippi and Mississippi Court of Appeals

  • Drafting and Review of Contracts

  • Small business formation: Limited Liability Company (LLC, PLLC), Corporation

As he continues to grow his practice, he relies on advice and guidance from Erik that proves invaluable to his work and the overall success of the firm.

“I now feel comfortable about the types of cases I handle,” Richard said. “The firm structure lets each attorney make important strategy decisions on his or her own cases. I think this adds to a lawyer’s confidence.”

Richard also respects that Erik not only gives him freedom to grow as an attorney, but respects that his attorneys need a healthy work-life balance. This is something not every lawyer can say they have.

“I would say Erik is the example of not letting the work fill your free time,” Richard said.  “We all need our evenings and weekends to re-charge.”

As the firm continues to provide excellence in legal services for South Mississippi, Richard says the confidence he has gained through Lowrey & Fortner has made staying an easy decision.

He is committed to growing the firm’s success with Erik for many years to come.

“As long as we keep a group of people together that like each other and don’t mind working hard, I can see the firm continuing to be a leader in the area for a long time,” Richard said.

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