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Why KJ is going Over The Edge for Extra Table

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

For the past few years, a Hattiesburg-based charity called Extra Table hosts an event at Hub Fest that has everybody looking up on a scorching hot day.

Extra Table, which works to provide food statewide in an effort to combat hunger, asks notable figures in the community to rappel off the side of the Carter Building in Downtown Hattiesburg.

Each participant must raise $1,000 in order to reserve there spot on the side of the historic landmark.

KJ Miri with Lowrey & Fortner Law Firm will be one of the many people seen dangling from the roof over thousands of people at the street festival.

KJ explains why this cause is so important to her in today's Q&A.

What made you decide to go Over The Edge?

All it took was being asked! I try to jump (no pun intended) at any opportunity to raise awareness for a great cause. I am a child advocate at heart and in my profession, so it would be a dream come true that no child in our community and across our state ever goes hungry.

What does the Extra Table Charity mean to you?

I have always been proud that Mississippi is consistently ranked the most generous state even though we are also often ranked the poorest. We know how to take care of our own, and Extra Table is a prime example of that deep rooted philanthropic spirit Mississippians come by so naturally. In this day and age, having families in our own back yard struggling with food insecurity is unacceptable. Extra Table is a practical and hands-on solution for healthy food  for those in need.

What is the scariest thing you have ever done, and does it amount to this?

The scariest thing I have ever done was probably skydive the second time. The first time was not scary at all for some reason! I’m confident in the Over the Edge team though since they’re pros at this, so I’m excited.

Are you afraid of heights?

I’m somewhat afraid of heights, but I plan on looking up, not down, when I go Over the Edge.

What would you tell people is the best thing about Hattiesburg? 

The best thing about Hattiesburg is our people! We as a group are eclectic and active in our community. There is always something to do in Hattiesburg for folks with different interests, habits, and hobbies. Take a glance at the (long) list of folks going Over the Edge for Extra Table as a perfect example of how Hattiesburgers come from all different kind of backgrounds and are incredibly willing to get involved.

Why should people come to Hub Fest and watch you rappel?

First of all, Hubfest is an excellent event and is every year! Food, music, art…you name it, you can keep busy downtown all day long during Hubfest. The addition of Over the Edge is a great attraction for the day. People should come watch me rappel because my husband Arman and I are doing it together, so you be the judge as to who may be scared and who’s not!

You are less than $225 dollars from meeting your goal. If people are on the fence about donating to this cause, what would you say to convince them otherwise?

Every little bit helps; no donation is too small. If you’re on the fence, donating $5 or $10 would be great! Or if you’re on the fence, get a jump start on your 2018 taxes by remembering that this donation is deductible and hit me up with the full $225 (or more)! There’s no rule that Over the Edge stops at the $1,000 goal, so please help Extra Table raise as much as possible between now and April 7.

Make sure to head to Hub Fest April 7 to watch KJ in action, and learn more about her areas of practice here.

If you would like to donate to KJ's cause, click here.

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