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When it comes time to plan what will happen to your assets, and minor children, after you pass, it is important to find an attorney who will listen closely to your wishes. At Lowrey & Fortner, P.A., our attorneys pride themselves on the individual attention and assistance they give each client. It is always the right time to plan your estate.

Your estate plan may include what will happen to your your land, home, business, and employee benefits. Your estate plan may also outline your healthcare and end of life choices should you be unable to carry out those decisions for yourself at that time.


When a family member or other loved one passes, it may be necessary to probate his/her will or open an administration, if he/she did not have a will. Our attorneys are experienced in handling estate litigation.


  • Simple and complex wills

  • Probate litigation

  • Probate administration

  • Estate planning

  • Durable powers of attorney and healthcare directives / living wills

  • Living, irrevocable and charitable remainder trusts

  • Asset protection

  • Interpretation of wills

  • Will contest of invalid wills


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