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The effects of an accident can change your life. The impacts can be financial, physical, and emotional. It is important for you to choose a law firm that will be sure to protect you and keep your best interests in mind.


If you have experienced a personal injury and are now feeling overwhelmed by all the medical bills, doctor's visits and phone calls, call the Attorneys at Lowrey & Fortner, P.A. Our personal injury attorneys can take care of your case so all you have to worry about is getting better.


Representation in personal injury cases may include:


  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Uninsured motorist insurance claims

  • Trucking Accidents

  • Products Liability

  • Catastrophic Injury with loss of earning capacity and/or long term care

  • Wrongful Death

  • Work Related Injury

  • Opening guardianships for cases involving minors


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