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Disputes over property are a common source of lawsuits. In addition to money damages, these cases may also determine the rights of landowners or neighbors through declaratory judgments.


If you find yourself in a dispute over land or title, our attorneys are experienced in representing clients both in Chancery Court and Circuit Court matters.


  • Building and ground leases

  • Commercial leases

  • Commercial landlord-tenant disputes

  • Residential leases

  • Landowner disputes

  • Interpreting and enforcement of subdivision restrictive covenants

  • Land and property disputes

  • Boundary disputes

  • Adverse possession

  • Easements

  • Property damages

  • Evictions


The risk involved with a major investment can be mitigated through legal advice obtained prior to entering a lease. For this reason, in addition to litigation involving eviction and breach of lease, Lowrey & Fortner also provides commercial lease drafting, advice, counseling, and negotiation.

We represent both lessee and lessor in commercial lease transactions and litigation. Our attorneys would love to talk with you about your questions concerning a commercial leasing project.

We also represent lessors in residential lease transactions and litigation, including preparing and drafting residential leases and representing the lessor in residential evictions.


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